Sunday, December 20, 2009

Welcome to our home!

Today is the first day of our new spiffy blog, and we would like to invite all of our family and friends into our home here on McChord AFB. We decided to create this blog for fun, and we thought it would be a great way to keep all of our family and friends abreast of all of our life's adventures!

Today we didn't do too much, we unfortunately had to take down our Christmas tree, due to it taking a turn for the worst rather quickly. So our house is not as Christmasy inside any more, but at least the outside still shines and screams "LET IT SNOW!" We also washed both of our vehicles today. We finished washing and drying them off just in time for the clouds to come rolling in and rain down our freshly shined vehicles. Oh well I guess that is what you can expect in the great northwest!

Tomorrow morning we will be packing our duffel bags and loading up the truck for the 300 mile trek to see our families down in Oregon for the holiday. Ryan has Christmas week off of work so we will get to take a deep breath and take life a little slower for the next few days and just relax. Tuesday looks to be a great day for the both of us as well, Ryan is going to go fishing with his shiny new brother-in-law and father-in-law at hills creek! Angel on the other hand has chosen not to go jump in the river and catch some tasty fish, she and her mom will be making yet another long trek back up to Woodburn to go look for her Christmas present. She will be looking for a brand spanking new Coach purse. So you know she will be ooooing and aawwwing for most of the day at all the possibilities.

Well that is about it for now, we need to put the final touches on the house before we hit the road in the morning!

Until Next time~

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