Friday, May 21, 2010

Things are finally rolling for the Hall's!

Well here we are after yet another lull in posting, big promises still, that we will maintain this better once we get to Alaska when it will be even more difficult to stay in contact with loved ones and give them updates as to what is going on in our lives. It is now toward the end of May, as crazy as that sounds, and we have been in -somewhat of a stand-still until things could get figured out. When we were coming home on leave, when we were moving, etcetera, etcetera... But I think things may finally be rolling now.

First of all Ryan finally got word today after more than 2 months of waiting for some very fine folks to stop twiddling their thumbs, that lo and behold we finally have official orders! Confusion began when they originally told him that the paperwork from his end was all completed but sprung on him some weeks later than there was a whole other section that pertained to Angel's medical that wasn't completed. It turns out the Molar Pregnancy was considered an ongoing condition because of the monthly blood tests so a form had to be filled out by the doctor. Beyond that there was a sit down interview type meeting where they had to talk with her about her medical history, any sort of mental health history and of course to make sure she wasn't being abused in the home... Oh dear, have to laugh at how absurd the whole thing is but needless to say we jumped through our many hoops and finally had everything done. Unfortunately because of the time this took up, we had to request an extension on the orders so we'd still have time to come home to see loved ones before we really had to go.   Anyway, shortening the already long story, everything is cleared up and settled and we can now set up our household goods to be packed up and shipped to Alaska. Next item on the agenda is knowing the actual dates we're coming to Oregon for leave and then leaving but we expect our time frame to actually head to AK will be the same as it was previously except pushed up by exactly one month. We had figured to leave sometime during the first week of June so now it seems reasonable to make it the first week of July. Upside to this is that there was a huge base-wide exercise going on in Alaska in June I think that will be over by then and also that we should get to go on the annual camping trip with the Tompkins family while we're down in Oregon. Thank heavens for small favors but that may help ease a little of the homesickness a bit knowing we got to go on something that has been a tradition in Angel's whole life, one more time, for at least few years anyway... We'll be back though, so no worries! :)

Next item on the agenda to share is quite a shocker because no words can quite describe the level of shock we experienced ourselves when we found out!

Well, without further ado... Drum Roll Pleeeaaaase!

Yep you guessed it, coming soon in 2011, we are expecting our very first son or daughter! Believe me, it's unbelievable to fathom because after how long it took to finally conceive with the Molar, it seemed like our next shot at a baby would be down the line when the doctors cleared us and we were to start trying for that again. But this little miracle, took us by quite a surprise and came about when we didn't think it was possible. Keep in mind we were still maintaining the regular blood work from the Molar so the doctors strongly cautioned against being pregnant too soon so we weren't planning this time. We were going along on or merry (well sort of) way, planning for the move and we had started a new diet and exercise program, deciding that we'd at least take this time to get healthy and into better shape. So the day Angel went in for her usual test at the clinic before her usual trip to the gym, she just wasn't feeling quite right. Had no idea of course why, but Ryan inquired if pregnancy could be the cause and that idea seemed almost like an unfunny joke at the time, but after looking at some dates and thinking, we decided taking a test to be sure was in order. Well you know the rest, the test came back positive pretty much instantly. After going to the doctors and them checking to confirm this wasn't the "mole" regrowing, they turned the ultrasound machine around with a smile and pointed out the baby's heartbeat. Let me just say that at that moment the world could have just stopped, it seemed so unreal, such a dreamt of and fragile moment that seemed like it could be pulled out from under us and we'd be left knowing it was just another fantasy. But for proof that it wasn't, morning (or all day, every day) sickness was in full swing. Just to put this out there, no good thing can come so easily and we know this, so will vomiting and constant nausea be a price worth paying for this little one, MOST DEFINITELY, but it doesn't mean that we have to enjoy it right now! It's been a doozy adjusting to what a successful pregnancy can feel like but knowing a little person is growing and coming into our lives sooner than later, makes this an unforgettable ride. Back to the main points, we were tying to decide when to tell family about for a couple of reasons, I'm sure you could guess. One was with out past history, it feels scary to reveal something like this because of the usual fear and memories that come along with it. Two was considering that we were leaving soon, we wanted to be caution but not wait too long to tell everyone because we wanted to be able to share in the happiness of it with them as long as we could before we would have to leave. So our compromise was to wait until we'd had a second ultrasound done to confirm that things were truly progressing as they should be and that things looked good. Well yesterday morning we did just that, we went in and and as soon as she set that wand thingy down on my belly, we heard our baby's heart beating! She showed up again where the baby was implanted and confirmed that he or she looked good and she said the heart beat sounded good also. So while we know there is always risk and we'll most definitely be worried clear until the day we have this little one with us in our arms, for now the risk factor is low and we are letting ourselves just be thrilled with that and that our family is finally growing (literally) as we speak! Our expected due date is January 4th and now we laugh because people say it's a toss up if this will get to be a tax baby or not... Quite frankly this little one can just come when they're ready but the soonest possible is great to me :)

Well now that I think we've shared the main points with anyone reading, I'd like to say thanks for taking the time to visit our somewhat infrequently updated blog and checking in on us. Lots of love and to our family and friends, we'll see you guys soon!!!

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  1. I can't wait! I am so happy for you and Ryan to be able to have this beautiful, healthy baby. After everything you two have gone through and the overwhelming roller coaster you have been on, this little one is so loved already! You know Auntie Erin will spoil him or her rotten and jump for joy when you both get to look into his or hers' eyes and know that it's not a dream. This baby is so blessed to have you two as a Mama and Daddy. Congratulations isn't nearly enough of a word. I love you both so much and I can't wait to share this journey with you two! EEKKK!! (Sorry Angel, I had to!)