Monday, February 15, 2010

Change is Headed Our Way!

Well we decided that it was time to finally attempt blog number 3. It's been a couple of months since we've updated but it certainly hasn't been an uneventful time to say the least. I will begin by admitting something that we wanted to keep private until just the right time. We found out 2 days after Christmas that we were pregnant and were absolutely over the moon. This was our second pregnancy as our first one ended quickly in miscarriage a year and half prior. We were very proud and exited but wanted to wait to share the news with everyone once we'd had our first successful ultrasound and could be a bit more confident when we told the news. It tends to make you a bit nervous to say it out loud after a loss, in fear that it could happen again. But things seemed to be going well, I was feeling all of those crazy hormones and other blessed things that meant we were really expecting. Unfortunately at an ultrasound the doctor found that things did not look normal and he was suspected something called a Hydatidiform Mole (Molar Pregnancy) which can be dangerous and required us to do a D&C right away since that means that it is not a viable pregnancy. Well a week after the procedure we did get the results that it was a Complete Molar and I would need to be monitored for up to a year and that it would be dangerous to become pregnant again for a year. They need to watch my hCG levels weekly to make sure they they go down properly and once they do they will monitor them monthly to make sure they do not rise again. If they do not go down or they go back up it could be a sign that the tissue is regrowing and I would need treatment, which would be Chemotherapy. Googling the diagnosis would be easier than my trying to explain it but basically the mole is considered a tumor so if if comes back it could be cancerous. The good news it that my hCG did not get near as high as other much worse cases out there. I topped out at 38,000 but they can often times get up into the high hundred thousands, so see I was not as severe as I could have. If there is a silver lining in every situation than that would be ours, I was diagnosed so quickly. Now, my levels went down to 428 one week after surgery and two weeks after they are at 59. This is wonderful, they have dropped great but we have to keep checking weekly until they are at zero. My doctor said that since this did not appear to be a severe case and my levels are looking so good, we may be cleared to try for a baby after 6 months of zero results. Ok, so that is the gist of the situation and I know that I didn't explain in much detail what a Complete Molar is but there is endless info online so please look it up if you want to understand a bit more. But at the end of the day, my levels are looking good and we just have to hope that they keep dropping and things will be just fine.

So to close that topic I want to apologize for keeping it quiet. Some I'm sure had an idea that there was something wrong but it's been very very hard to come to terms with it and we've been doing our best with it. Yes, we experienced a second pregnancy loss and it turned out to be something that a bit more serious than that so it kind of feels like we relive it each week but time will heal and we know God has something great in store for us and our family. So while some days are harder to accept than others, the lowering levels are what keeps us feeling ok with all of it.. It's the very best we can do for now so we'll take it and keeping moving!

Ok well our next bombshell is a bit of a doozy as well so brace yourself.. We sure did have to! We just got orders and will be moving to Fairbanks, Alaska by June!! Yep, it's true but doesn't really seem possible. We're sure working on wrapping our heads around the fact and have been scrambling to let it sink in and just plan and prepare. When Ryan first shared the news all Angel could do was literally laugh. Things had just started to settle in here with the promotion and taking over down at Packing & Crating and we were waiting to move into the great 3 bedrooms here on base so hearing, "Hey babe, are you sitting down?" seemed like some kind a funny joke. But it really isn't so now it's wow, -60 degree weather and moose and caribou, here we come! Now let the fear, shock and excitement begin.

We found this photo taken in Fairbanks online and had to share it, not sure when it was taken but the point it, we are going to be living there!! That's incredible, isn't it? We've been researching like crazy and are finding that while it is going to be such a huge adjustment, that kind of cold feels so much different than what our cold feels like here if that makes any sense. They describe it as a "dry" cold and that the "wet" kind of cold is much more bone chilling. Now this is not to say it won't be cold, but I know we'll adjust. But beyond the cold, how about the fact that it will be light for 6 months of the year and pretty much dark the other half. When we are headed there in June is will be light all the time and looking on the bright side of things, it'll be helpful on our drive to squeeze a few more hours into the day. It's definitely great that we get to go when we are to take advantage of this and the fact that the weather will be warmer or more mild. This will also help with the drive so we won't have to worry about the roads along the way or that we'll freeze to death if we broke down and were stranded on some long stretch along the Alacan Highway. See what I mean, these are definite bright sides!

So as for actually being in Alaska, just think about all of the new things we'll get to see and do. Just the fact alone that we will be literally 8 miles from the North Pole. Literally, there is a town called North Pole and if we don't live on base we will probably be living there. Living in the town dedicated to Christmas all year long. How can you beat that when I love Christmas! Beyond North Pole and Fairbanks there is not much to see for a very long ways, the Arctic Circle is roughly 125 miles away. Haha, that will sure put the cold into perspective. Anyway the next super cool thing about being there will be the Northern Lights. We will be right in the middle of the best area to view the Aurora Borealis. How exiting to see something like that, it looks like something unimaginable that just happened naturally. One of those many wonders our earth really offers that we get to see first hand.

Well I think it's time to close this for now even though there really is so much more we could talk about on this subject but as we prepare and time gets closer we will definitely be updating and sharing more. Thanks for reading and we will hopefully be seeing all of you again soon!


  1. I'm really sorry to read about your loss. I have to say though, that I am super jealous that you are moving to Alaska!

  2. Hopefully things will continue to improve and when you're up in Alaska looking at beautiful lights, enjoying Christmas year round, and are freezing your buns off, you will know that you are loved and prayed for daily. It doesn't matter how far away you are, you know i'm here. Love you!

  3. Hey Angel & Ryan; I loved reading your blog, I think it's really neat. Love you guys and will be seeing you soon.

    Love, Mom