Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finally At Negative!

Well we thought it might be nice to post a quick update on the status of our Molar Pregnancy since we had our second follow up appt after the procedure done today. Good news, we're officially considered negative! My hCG level is not exactly zero yet, it's 4, but anything below 5 is considered negative so they said we'll do a couple more weeks of weekly blood draws and then we'll go to testing monthly. This is a good thing and we're definitely relieved to have gotten this news after only 4 weeks. After doing a lot of research we knew that it could very well take several weeks to get to that point so having only taken a month is great and the doctors are very happy. It's a bittersweet fact though, negative is what we want and needed to see but it also symbolizes that this short lived journey that we were originally so exited to embark on, is officially over. It's of course not completely over until we're through with being monitored but the big stuff if passed now and we're not likely to have to worry about needing any follow up treatment or care from it. We can just look toward the future and when the time is right hopefully we get the chance at starting our family again. But hey, maybe this PCS will be a fresh start and our 3rd try will be the charm.. We can have little Alaskan babies! ;)

So moving along, on the subject of Alaska, we're still just moving along and chipping away at little to-do's even though I must admit that we have a whole gamut of things to do that we could probably be allotting time to a bit more efficiently. We'll get there one way or another though, so there is only so much to bother stressing over I guess. That meaning that pretty much we have no choice but to get there so we'll do what we "gotta" do! One positive is that we got a room reserved there at the new base to stay in while we wait for a house to come available and it's pet friendly so miss Juniper can stay with us. This was a big concern because they only have a couple of pet friendly rooms and from there you have no choice but to kennel your pet off base somewhere and that could have been for a month or easily more. I know people do this everyday because sometimes there just isn't any other choice but as most already know, this dog is pretty much our spoiled child and we were flat our not even having the idea that she couldn't stay with us. So very needless to say, we got extremely lucky that a room came available when it did and crisis averted!

Secondly, because getting and keeping these orders were contingent upon Ryan reenlisting, he will be doing so on Monday. Just shy of 8 years in service and we're signing on for another 4. Looks like we'll be making this a career and will make the best of the journey the military takes us on. We can only hope that it's merciful and takes us to new and wonderful things. Maybe Alaska will be just our first stop in seeing what they have in store for us!

So it looks like we'll close this for now and we will definitely update more later on as things start rolling with our move. We'll be home this weekend for just a couple of days for our nephew Parker's first birthday so hopefully we'll get to see everyone, at least briefly for some hello's and some hugs! We are going to be taking the entire second half of May off to come home also, so that we will have plenty of time to say our goodbyes to everyone at that time. We will be planning on having a get together at that time so that we can have everyone together at least once more before we head out and are looking forward to getting to do that . It surely won't be the last time we see you all but it will just be the last time that we're only a few hours away from the family, at least for a while, and want to take advantage of every second we have.

Ok well lots of love and we'll be seeing you! :)

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